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Welcome to Lukas Abrasives

Unique.  Versatile. Lukas motto "Always the right tool" is a promise that the international owner-managed company LUKAS has been adhering to every single day for many decades. We want you to achieve the best possible results using Lukas tools.

 With innovative grinding wheels, such as the LUKAS series V2 Power, V3 Control or SLT flex, you benefit from excellent results in grinding and cutting operations as well as high efficiency thanks to a very long service life.  




Pearl Commitment. 

 Pearl Abrasive Company is committed to innovation, quality and consistency as well as providing the best possible service to our customers.   Pearl quality is more than just innovative design, it is advanced engineering, rigid quality control and proven experience.

Professionals all across the country look to Pearl Abrasive Company for a full line of technologically advanced abrasives and diamond products. 



  Welcome to PFERD of Canada 

PFERD has now established a headquarters for our new enterprise in the Toronto, ON area. 

 Established near Cologne, Germany in 1799, the PFERD brand name is synonymous with outstanding premium-quality tools and abrasives. Today, we manufacture more than 7,500 PFERD brand grinding, cutting and surface finishing tools. And a complete range of Advance Brush power and maintenance brushes. 

Sia Abrasifs J.J.S.



Sia Abrasives.


Founded in 1984, Abrasifs JJS Inc. is one of the most important distributor of coated abrasives in Canada. It offers to Canadian manufacturers and merchants high quality coated abrasives. It is the exclusive distributor of coated abrasives made in Switzerland by sia Abrasives.sia Abrasives is currently the third largest manufacturer of coated abrasives worldwide. For more than 130 years, sia-Abrasives has upheld a tradition of excellence by careful attention to the quality and precision of their products and is well recognized for his engagement to the innovation, performance and excellence of his products as well. In fact, the sia Abrasives seal of quality garantiees reliable abrasives products and ideal surfaces.

Diamond Vantage


Diamond Vantage

 Since 2003, Diamond Vantage has been serving the construction, stone and industrial industries with diamond tools that yield the highest levels of performance.  From its inception, Diamond Vantage has been working to become the BEST supplier to our customer by continuing to upgrade in all areas of our service.

 Diamond Vantage manufactures a complete range of construction diamond tools designed for maximum performance.  Such products include: concrete and asphalt blades, ductile iron and rescue blades, grinding cups, small diameter blades, core bits, and much more!



VSM Canada

VSM is one of the world's leading manufacturers for high quality coated abrasives for industry. With 150 years of experience we understand abrasives like no one else and at our facility in Oakville we manufacture belts, rolls and discs providing unmatched service and delivery across Canada.


 Perfect surface quality, high stock removal rates and a long service life – all this whilst maintaining a consistently high cutting performance. This is what distinguishes VSM abrasives from other abrasive products and what is appreciated by our customers worldwide. 

Klingspor Abrasives


 Klingspor Abrasives

KLINGSPOR Abrasives is a manufacturer of the highest quality industrial sanding and grinding products. Our history is a long one which dates back over 100 years. KLINGSPOR originated in Germany where it is today still one of the world's largest and most respected abrasive manufacturers making some of the highest quality products for industrial applications. With quality products and budget-conscious prices, KLINGSPOR gives you The Most Sanding Power for Your Money!® 

Erno Abrasives


 Erno Abrasives

Ernö is known as the "Reliable Abrasive". It provides the finest abrasive products, with a complete focus on the needs of the Canadian market.Our high manufacturing standards assure complete product satisfaction and cost savings. 

Taipan Abrasives


Taipan Abrasives  

In 1996, Taipan Abrasives was launched in Australia by a family owned and operated company based in Tamworth, New South Wales.  Australia is a land with many species of reptiles, animals and insects and the name TAIPAN is inspired by the most venomous snake in the world, the Inland Taipan.  Our slogan, THE BRAND WITH BITE!is reflected in the way our products are designed to cut or remove material rapidly and effectively.  

In 2012, Taipan Abrasives was introduced to the abrasives world in North America and with the strength of global expertise we’ve established a recognition for quality and service in everything we do.

Gemtex Abrasives

Gemtex Abrasives

GEMTEX Abrasives


Gemtex® Abrasives, based in Toronto, Canada, was founded in 1975 and is a leading manufacturer of abrasive products sold worldwide.  Our products are used in a wide array of markets such as industrial, aerospace, marine/shipbuilding, metal fabrication, automotive, mining, power generation, machinery, natural gas and retail.  Gemtex® is a trusted quality manufacturer of private label and private brand abrasive products. Always striving for innovation, Gemtex® has introduced to the market products such as Trimkut®, Mini Grind-R, Mini RFDs and a high quality Supreme line of resin fibre discs.


Spiralcool Backpads



Spiralcool Backpads

We have been proudly serving our customers since 1950 by making our rubber backing pads the old fashioned way — with pride and integrity.

Our operations are located in the manufacturing heartland of the USA; all of the components of our pads are American made. Each pad is made individually in a single mold, then tested for perfection. Our signature spiral face pad is constructed to keep the disc cool, therefore extending the life of the coated abrasive disc.

Bull Dog Steel Wool

Bull Dog Steel Wool

 In 1933, Thamesville Metal Products Ltd. was formed to fill the need for a safe and reliable way of removing rust and corrosion from metal parts. Since then Bull Dog Steel Wool has proven invaluable in the home, workshop and in industrial applications such as engine exhausts and silencers, filters and other applications requiring high heat absorption and resistance to oxidation. 

FEIN Power Tools


FEIN Power Tools


In 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company to manufacture physical and electrical equipment where his son Emil Fein invented the first electric hand drill almost 30 years later in 1895. This invention paved the way for highly reliable power tools, which FEIN still manufactures at its site in Germany and for which the long-standing German company is known in industry and manual trades throughout the world to this day.  

FEIN has been a world-leading power tool manufacturer for over 150 years and without a doubt one of the main reasons for this is that FEIN continues to meet its own standard of only developing durable power tools with every new product innovation it creates today.